Yana Project

A long planned musical project is about to come out next year. The collaboration of Roussinoff with the conductor Ilia Mihaylov and his choir “The Great Voices of Bulgaria”, will bring you into a new dimension of combining Bulgarian Folklore with modern music. Few very talented guests will spice our trip as well.

Some words about the choir:

If God’s paths are impossible to profess, THE GREAT VOICES OF BULGARIA are impossible to predict. Because they are unique, gorgeous and a bit insane – just imagine: a program, which was announced as being composed of religious and orthodox chants, was closed to the accompaniment of an accordion, in an abbey, which, to top it all, is the oldest in the French land… … You just can’t help feeling at the seventh heaven while listening to those super soloists giving out sounds of such perfect homogeneity, reacting as one instrument to each gesture of their conductor and art director Zdravko Mihaylov…


“…this album (compilation Mystery of the Bulgarian voices, part 2) is my favorite recording…”


“There is no greater pleasure after a heard day of work in my studio to go home, to open a beer, to seat on the sofa and to listen to the album of the Bulgarian Voices.”


“One of my favorite recordings from the last five years.”


The Great voices of Bulgaria