Yavor Roussinoff

born 1969 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He starts playing piano at age of 4.

1983 together with few 14 year old schoolmates from the Music School Sofia, he create a funk formation called “Intermezzo” – one of the first in the country.

1985 – 1992 Roussinoff compose lots of songs for Bulgarian artists and works with the most “music revolutionary” bands in Bulgaria supporting the political changes.

1993 comes the breakthrough with the ethno-electronic duet  Vox together with Konstantin Stoyanoff. They are pioneers in mixing ethno with electronic music. 1994 the song “Yana” from “2101” album becomes chart breaker. More then 50 000 copies sold

1996 started working with SUPERMAX creating ethno-project  YAKU

1997 released their first album "Total Imigration" with success in Europe.

1998 concert activity begins with SUPERMAX in over 20 countries and in the same year YaRu established his own recording studio VOX.

1999. begin work on album na SUPERMAX "Terminal 2002" which was recorded entirely in studioVOX. In early 2001 the album was released throughout Europe and is followed by a tour in Europe and Russia.

2001 VOX supports Orbital in Sofia

2002 together with Orlin Kyurkchiyski and Yassen Kozev, Roussinoff formed a band called BULGARO. The album “Orgasmus” is  inspired by Balkan and near east  ethnos. The project won "Best Newcomer" awards na MM TV 2003, “Best Club Hit” 2004 and “Best Club Hit” 2005

2004 Peter Gabriel chose Bulgaro to support him on his concert in Sofia

2004 Roussinoff starts working with LA based producer Helmuth Schaerf. This was the beginning of creative partnership which produce the ultimate edition of  Yaku – “The World Behind You”.

2005 Roussinoff and Helmuth turns the Yaku project  to a powerful team of producers with two studios, based in Austria and Bulgaria. The following years, Yaku produced artists like Jose Feliciano, Arno, Figure in Frame, Supermax, Horst Chmela, Jelena etc.

2011 Roussinoff made 3 songs for the Bulgarian movie “TILT’. Two months number one in the local box office

2012-2016 - Five albums of Jose Feliciano have been produced, together with Helmuth Schaerf. Released December 2016.

2017 Roussinoff together with Dimitar Pavlov, released the first single from their new created project - Roussinoff & Pavloff

2018 Roussinoff in association with the graphic designer Nikolay Tonkoff, made all the new sound and visual of the Bulgarian National Television.
Roussinoff & Pavloff, released their second single " Feelings"

2019 Roussinoff & Pavloff are ready with the third single, which will take place into a new TV series starting at 2020
Few productions with Helmuth Schaerf - FaWiJo, Tommy Lee, Manolo - The King of Gypsies.
3 songs made for Dessy Dobreva.
A track for the movie "18% Grey" of Viktor Chouchkov

Recently Roussinoff is working on the brand new "Yana Project". A modern audio-visual musical trip collaborated with Ilia Michailov and his "The Great Voices of Bulgaria" choir.