Vox is created by long time friends Yavor Roussinoff and Konstantin Stoyanov in 1992. Two years later in 1994 the first album “2101” was released. The song Yana, was few weeks number one in local chart. The release is from the first ones with ethno-electronic sound worldwide. That makes us one of  the pioneers of the ethno-dance music. Love to Bulgarian Folklore, gave us an artistic opportunity, to show it in different light to the world.  1996 we began working with Kurt Hauenstein on project Yaku, with the same ethno direction.
In the years we did stuff for a lot of artists in Bulgaria and Europe. One of the projects is Terminal 2002. Our love to synthesizers and electronic sounds moved us naturally into the dance music field. That time we made a lot of remixes.  Listen on the link below some stuff from this period (1997-2001), including  the piece “Silence” – Live recorded from our Orbital – support gig.