Behind the project Bulgaro are Yavor Roussinoff, Yassen Kozev and Orlin Kyurkchiysky. The common between them is that they have been making music since being kids and have all together graduated music school and later music academy. Yavor and Orlin studied piano and Yasen studied clarinet. Each of them took parts in different music formations and projects. Yavor was the originator of the first Bulgarian funk band Intermezzo and throughout the 80’s played with a number of Bulgarian musicians after which was among the musicians who created VOX. He works also with Kurt Hauenstein from Supermax in the ethno project Yaku.
Orlin plays jazz since the age of 14. After graduating the conservatory in 2000 he departed for Canada, where he worked as a studio musician taking part in different projects.He plays with Miles Davis in Montreoux Jazz Festival.
Yassen graduated the Music Academy in Sofia and worked as a composer. Later on he took master degree in clarinet in Paris, did his PHD in chamber music in Hamburg, Germany. He has six awards from international classical composition competitions.

Bulgaro started working together in 2002. The musicians tied their efforts for the preparation of the project’s debut album which is reach of original voices collected by them self in the Rodopi mountains . In the summer of 2003 their first single and video Orgasmus hit the national radio and TV stations. Their self-titled debut album was released in December 2004.
Each one of Bulgaro works for foreign and bulgarian famous artists projects.
June 2003 Bulgaro won first award in Live Music Festival of International Media Events.

Bulgaro were:

“Best Debut 2003 Award”.

“Best Club Song 2004 Award”

“Best Club song 2005 Award”

of Bulgarian Music TV “MM” ……………